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8th JoakimFest

Festival of the best theatrical performances as per texts by domestic authors


Festival will be from the 7th till the 15th of May in the City of Kragujevac, the Knjazevsko-srpski teatar. At the Festival participate theatrical performances from Belgrade, Nis, Krusevac, Jagodina, Zenica and Kragujevac. The performances these theatres are in competing for the awards.

Selector of 8th JakimFest, 2010 is Dragan Jakovljevic, direktor from Kragujevac, selected is eight theatrical performances in competing for the awards.
Direction of Festival: Dragan Jakovljevic (director), Aleksandar Miloradovic, Zoran Miljkovic, Danijela Milenkovic, Mirjana Vujanic, Nenad Miloradovic i Nadica Ognjanovic.

Knjazevsko-srpski teatar from Kragujevac, the play The devil and a litle lady. Written by Djordje Milosavljevic and directed by Zanko Tomic.
National theatre from Nis, the play Bereaved Family. Written by Branislav Nusic and directed by Andras Urban.
Theatre from Krusevac and Festival Days of Comedy from Jagodina, the play A Round the World Trip. Written by Branislav Nusic and directed by Jug Radivojevic.
UK Vuk Karadzic from Belgrade, the play PR or total chaos. Written by Nebojsa Romcevic and directed by Egon Savin.
BNP from Zenica, the play Bizarre. Written by Zeljko Hubac and directed by Petar Kaukov.
Atelje 212 from Belgrade, the play Mainstream. Written by Goran Petrovic and directed by Rahim Burhan.
Zvezdara theatre from Belgrade, the play Life in tight shoes. Written by Dusan Kovacevic and directed bay Dusan Kovacevic.
Accompanying programme - Knjazevsko-srpski teatar, the play Migrations. Written by Milos Crnjanski and directed by Pierre Walter Politz.

Jury of the Festival:

Boro Draskovic, director,
Maja Pelevic, play writer,
Slavko Milanovic, dramatist.


Joakim's award for best play
Joakim's award for director
Joakim's awards for actors
Joakim's award for the text or adaptation
Joakim's award for the scenography
Joakim's award for the costume
Joakim's award for the musical
Joakim's special award

Audience award

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